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Monday: Finish Book Project
Tuesday: Talent Show/Computer Lab
Wednesday: Shortened Schedule- Pearl Harbor In the Afternoon
Thursday: Shrinky Dinks
Monday: Review for Tuesday's Quarterly Assessment
Tuesday: District Quarterly Assesment
Wednesday: Go over metric olympics-metric scavenger hunt
Thursday: Metric Olympics
Friday: Metric Olympics
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Monday: Overview of Owl Pellet Lab: Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection
Tuesday: Real owl pellet dissection. Students will work to clear all fur and bone from their pellet and will start organizing their bones.
Wednesday: Continue owl pellet dissection: Students will use a dichotomous key to identify which prey animal their owl ate.
Thursday: Students will begin to put their prey bones back together and will mount their prey animal on card stock.
Friday: Finish up lab/mounting prey bones.
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PO 2. Explain how organisms obtain and use resources, both biotic & abiotic, to develop and thrive in: niches & predator/prey relationships.
Students will be able to explain how adaptations help an organism survive in their environment.

Monday: Notes on Animal Adaptations- Mini Dell Activity *** Newsletter Article Due****
Tuesday: Finish Mini Dell Activity; Begin to work on Create-A-Creature Project.
Wednesday: Create-A-Creature Project
Thursday: Create-A-Creature Project
Friday: 1/2 Day

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