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Monday: Ecology Pre test
Tuesday: Abiotic vs. Biotic factors in an ecosystem. School Ecosystem Activity
Wednesday: Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers- Reading Study Guide
Thursday: Set Up Decomposer Lab- Review for tomorrow's quiz
Friday: Quiz over chapter 1
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Monday: New Textbook, New Seats, New Vocabulary- Students will work with their lab tables on the new chapter vocabulary.
Tuesday: Computer Lab- Students will use quizlet to create online flash cards for their new words.
Wednesday: Computer Lab-  Finish Quizlet Activity- Open conferences moved to Tuesday.
Thursday: 1/2 Day-  Shrinky Dink Activity
Friday: 1/2 Day- Finish Shrinky Dink Activity
Monday: Unit Reflection- Work on Astronomy Board Game
Tuesday: Work on Astronomy Board Game
Wednesday: Deer Valley Quarterly Assessment
Thursday: Continue to Work on Board Games
Friday: Finish Board Games and Play!
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