Tell me about your spring break! What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you see?
Kristine B
3/26/2012 02:25:22 am

Over spring break, I went to my cabin for a couple of days with my family. There was snow so me and my sister played in that for a little. The rest of spring break I just stayed at home, and hung out with friends at the park

Trisha D.
3/26/2012 02:25:30 am

During spring break what i did was i baby sat my nieces and nephews what a joy that was, and i hung out with hannah and went to go see the hunger games with her and last i had a tournament and got 7th out of 8 at least we weren't last.:)

Cole T.
3/26/2012 02:25:37 am

Over spring break I went to the beach in Carpenteria, CA.

Joey B
3/26/2012 02:25:58 am

On my spring break i went and saw the Midnight show of Hunger Games.

Charlotte B
3/26/2012 02:26:27 am

This spring break, I didn't go anywhere, so it was pretty boring. As a matter a fact the most interesting thing that happened was when I had to go to the hospital because I fainted due to dehydration.O_o

Rhianna O.
3/26/2012 02:26:51 am

For my spring break I stayed home, because we were having new flooring put in. I also finished all of the Hunger Games series within 2 days. My favorite thing I did was go see Hunger Games at Harkins!

Breana M.<3
3/26/2012 02:26:52 am

My spring break was really, really, good!!!! I relaxed at home and had fun with friends and familly. The only place I went to was the Wildlife World Zoo. I had a lot of fun. I saw a lot of friends and family. I had a great spring break!!

Klaire S.
3/26/2012 02:27:00 am

For my spring break, I didn't do much, I was mostly at home alone. The only really exciting thing I did was go see the hunger games midnight premiere with my friends... It was really good!!!

Tyler Jeffrey Scott Westfall
3/26/2012 02:27:19 am

My spring break was really good. I went to DisneyLand and hung out with Parker Henkel practicaly all week. At DisneyLand it rained pretty much the whole time. But it was still fun. I practiced doing tricks on my bike a lot and crashed a lot. My spring break was one of the best ones Ive had.

Caleb H
3/26/2012 02:27:27 am

I went to the Kartchner Caverns on Monday and Tuesday.

Maddie L.
3/26/2012 02:27:27 am

My spring break was pretty lame for the most part. I sat at home, watched TLC, slept, ate, and learned a new song on my ukulele. It didn't get very interesting until I went to the Hunger Games premiere (pretty good movie, NOT enough character build up or back stories in my opinion.). And it was Ana, my best friend, and Lauren, my little sister's birthday. They both had parties. I went to the zoo and to Ana's house. I saw Ana, Chris, Cooper, Jason, and Auston. OH, and my family if that counts.

Ms. J
3/26/2012 07:28:47 am

I love TLC

Parker Henkel
3/26/2012 02:27:56 am

My spring break was good. I hung out with Tyler Westfall and others. I rode my dirtbike. I crashed my bike in the middle of the cross walk and Tyler sat there laughing at me.

Aaron H.
3/26/2012 02:27:56 am

For spring break i did nothing i stayed home and played on my laptop and slept in alot.

Bailey C.
3/26/2012 02:28:03 am

What I did this spring break was make t-shirts for the hunger games with my friends and then see the midnight premiere with them. Klaire pushed me in my pool. My volleyball team finished first at our tournament. I finished the second book of the hunger games.
i think that's it.

Jason G
3/26/2012 02:28:32 am

I pretty much went to Disneyland and California Adventures and rode some rides and had lots of fun. I saw Mickey Mouse and Pluto. I also went to the Hunger Games premere and waited in line for 12 hours. Then I pretty much just chilled at home.

Kelly A.
3/26/2012 02:28:47 am

For spring break I went camping with my family in Northern Arizona and Utah. We had a wonderful time, the weather was beautiful, if a bit cold, and we went on many hikes through Zion National Park. We also got to play in the sand dunes :)
YesterdayI went to Breana's birthday party! We had a great time! Plus we got to see the Hunger Games!!! The movie was AMAZING!!! It was soo sad when Rue dies. I can't wait for the next movie to come out!!!

Dawson M
3/26/2012 02:29:23 am

This spring break I played in a baseball tournament and came against third. Also I went to Parker,AZ for 3 days. I also went to see the movie Hunger Games. Overall my spring break was pretty good but not the best.

Savana A.
3/26/2012 02:29:44 am

I had an amazing Spring Break!!! But I did shatter my ipod! :( I went shopping and saw Footloose. Also, I went to Castles and Coasters with Alli.

Emma V.
3/26/2012 02:30:02 am

over spring break I did many things such as I hung out with my cousin, I went to maddi's house for dennis' surprise party, and i went to go see HUNGER GAMES!!!!!

Hannah G.
3/26/2012 02:30:10 am

Over spring break I didn't go out of state, but i went out of town. Yesterday, I went to Sedona and went on a jeep tour around the desert and saw red rocks, and snoopy rock, etc. But before that, I had a volleyball tournament in Anthem (Trisha and I are on the same team). And on Friday, I saw THE HUNGER GAMES!!!! It was soo amazing. I didn't read the book because I wanted it to be a surprise. I also saw the season finale of Walking Dead. But otherwise, I used my spring break time as I time to practice volleyball and relax and do nothing. (:

Sarah S.
3/26/2012 02:30:17 am

I went to San Fransisco,CA. I saw the Palace of Fine Arts, Painted Ladies, and Peir 39. I also saw the midnight premeir of The Hunger Games!

gus g
3/26/2012 02:30:29 am

i went to san diego over spring break and stayed in a beach house. the first day we went to the carnival. then saturday we went to the mall then went to go see a movie because it was raining. then sunday it was raining so we went to the mall then we went to hooters. then monday it wasnt raining so we went to the beach it was cold but fun.

dennis s
3/26/2012 02:30:29 am

Over spring break, it was my birthday! My friends planned a surprise party for me... and it was amazing. I also went to Pine, near Paysen, with some friends of mine for four days. It was awesome, there was snow every where and it was freezing!It was an incredible sping break.

Kayla C
3/26/2012 02:30:31 am

My spring break was pretty fun. I went to Wild Life World Zoo on my birthday and it was really good. I saw The hunger Games two times, one time with my family and one time with my friends. The Hunger Games was really good and now I'm going to read the books.

Maddi N
3/26/2012 02:30:40 am

This spring break I had 2 volleyball tournaments, and me, Tara, Alli, Emma, and Gus all threw Dennis a suprise party at my house. We played kickball, went swimming, made shirts and did a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. On thursday me, Alli, and Peyton went to the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games, when we were waiting in line, Mrs. G and mrs. Leos walked by us in line with addy and Lily, they didn't want to go all the way to the back of the line so theey stayed in line with us.

3/26/2012 02:31:05 am

Over my spring break i played a baseball pick up game with some baseball friends. i didnt go anywhere, and only saw a couple friends.

Alli A
3/26/2012 02:31:32 am

For spring break i went to Castles and Coasters with Savana! It was SOO much fun! We went on most of the rides!! The scariest one i thought was the one that takes you up really high then drops you like super fast! I was screaming and then it took my breath away! It was fun! It was probably my favorite! We had so much fun!! :)

Peyon E.
3/26/2012 02:31:32 am

For my Spring Break my cousin came form Iowa. I spent my whole spring break with her. we went to a Spring Training game, the pool, and mini golfing. Then when she left on Thurday, I had Alli and Maddi Noble spend the night to go see the Hunger Games at midnight. While we were there we met up with Mrs.G, Mrs. Leos, Addy, and her friend Lily. Then on Friday Maddi,Alli,Savana, and me went to Casle N'Costers. I had a really fun Spring Break!!!

3/26/2012 02:32:02 am

Over Spring break I went to a party for Dennis, went to a spring training game and the Hunger Games!!!!!

Brayden B.
3/26/2012 02:32:27 am

Over Spring Break, I went to Las Vegas. We went there on Sunday and came back on Tuesday. It was fun. We saw snow in Kingman. I also went to see The Hunger Games. I really liked it. Also, my dad tried to fix our car. He worked on it for 2 days, but it didn't run right when he got done. He was going to drive it to the repair shop, but it wouldn't start this morning. We had to call a tow truck and I was late to school.

Adam G.
3/26/2012 02:33:44 am

OVER SPRING BREAK, I mostly stayed in my neighborhood, I hung out with my friends. I also went to castles n coasters to play mini golf and go on rides.

tara s.
3/26/2012 02:33:44 am

For spring break i didn't go any where, but i did quite a bit. for starters i went to Maddi Noble's house to throw a surprise party for Dennis. we went in the hot tub and made shirts. then on thursday i went to the midnight premire of the hungar games. we got backrow seats and i saw a bunch of friends. then on friday my family went minigolfing at cracker jax. after that we went to a restaurant called picazzo's. finally on saturday we saw my friends school play, the sound of music. i had a great spring break

Thomas O
3/26/2012 02:34:47 am

I went to my friends house to play on his new x box kinect. Then I went and saw the Hunder Games. The best part about my spring break is the on the first sunday are fire alarms went off because the one in my room shorted out, and then half my room became water logged through the night and whole day, the best part is the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning.

Trevor R
3/26/2012 04:46:30 am

Over spring break i went to lazer quest 2 time s and jumpstreet and i also went to cracker jacks.

Eric l.
3/26/2012 04:46:44 am

over my spring break my friends came to my house and i also went to see the hunger games.

Chrisitian mcCullough
3/26/2012 04:47:22 am

during my spring brake i went to football practice and hanged out with my friends.also i went to the gun range

Joey cipolla
3/26/2012 04:47:48 am

My spring break was so amazing! I did nothing.

Rylee H.
3/26/2012 04:47:49 am

Over spring break, I went to a cabin in Greer and waited in line for 4 hour to see the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games

Beverly G
3/26/2012 04:48:29 am

over spring break i hung out with my friends and saw the hungers games and went to the mall.

Lerroy Jenkins (Brendan Farrior)
3/26/2012 04:48:35 am

i didnt do crap over spring break, except sitting on the couch and sleeping

Ms. J
3/26/2012 07:30:37 am

Please don't say "crap" :) Sleeping is fun!

Victoria L.
3/26/2012 04:48:56 am

I did nothing during spring break I got sick for almost the whole week.

3/26/2012 04:48:56 am

over springbreak i went to the movies to see The Hunger Games and 21 Jump Street and i went to Dave and Busters too

Joey M.
3/26/2012 04:49:00 am

During spring break I spent the whole at my house. Some of my friends came over and that was all I did.

Sara E.
3/26/2012 04:49:16 am

My spring was pretty good i guess. I didn't get to travel anywhere, but i did go swimming at my cousin's house! It was pretty fun. But the best part was getting to The Hunger Games premiere! In my opinion from reading the books it was absolutley amazing!

jordyn M.
3/26/2012 04:49:16 am

my spring break was pretty awsome because i when to rocky point mexico and stayed at my families beach house. i got an amazing tan and i cought fish and saw doliphans.

Alayna P. :)
3/26/2012 04:50:26 am

over spring break i hung out with my sister, we went to dave and busters :p i aslo went to a music festival and got a hot dog.

Christian D.
3/26/2012 04:50:35 am

I went up in the mountians not very high were thier was snow, SO MUCH SNOW! I mostly stayed at home playing games or handing out with my family.

Landin H.
3/26/2012 04:50:59 am

On my spring break I went to Wet "n" Wild with my family, over and over, we had a blast, we went on every ride!! I also went to my grandma's house in prescott to put up a fence and earned $6 doing it!

Jason W.
3/26/2012 04:50:59 am

For spring break I pretty much just stayed at home the whole time. on Sunday and Monday I helped my parents pack these giant boxes that were sitting in my front yard that are getting shipped to the Philippines. I kind of hung out with Peyton a little bit and on Friday I slept over at Dominik Chelminski's house.

taryn lee
3/26/2012 04:51:00 am

over spring break i stayed at home it was boring but i also went to castles n coasters with syd, went to my friends house, and slept over all it was a chill week !!!!!

Zachery Camacho
3/26/2012 04:51:27 am

Over spring break my family and I went to Denver, Colorado after the 13 hour drive we stayed in the West Inn it was fancy luckily the goverment paid for it since it was my dads military trip. the goverment paid almost everything they paid for food gas and hotel. We went to go see our cousins in greenway only one hour away from Denver and thats what i did.

Derek J
3/26/2012 04:51:55 am

well over spring break i went snowboarding but unfortunately i vbroke my wrist while i was up there. i didn't really do much else. =/ i played on my laptop and watched tv.

3/26/2012 04:51:59 am

I went to the ben avery shooting range and shot my 22. Also I went on a five mile hike.

Caroline P.
3/26/2012 04:51:59 am

For my spring break i was gonna go to Tucson but the trip got cancelled cause my dog got sick.... then my neice got stuck babysitting for like half the week... then it was cold and rainy.... so all i did was watch tv and play on the computer :D

Kayla Forrester
3/26/2012 04:52:54 am

I went to Vegas for three days for a softball tournament. We did great. Got 6th in the winners bracket out of 60 teams. I also saw the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games with my friend Kodi. One bad thing is that my softball bag fell out of my truck because no one closed the tailgate and we couldnt find it after words... :'( The price of the bag and my equipment was $1,800.

Noah R
3/26/2012 04:52:54 am

my spring break was awesome i got new golf clubs ping i20s. i went golfing 6 times. i also saw the hunger games and spent the night at my friends house. i had an awesome spring break!

Mohamed S
3/26/2012 04:53:00 am

For spring break I went to Vegas and then I went to Lebanon and god that was fun. Me and my cousin played in a soccer tournament and won. My cousin and I rock at soccer.

Sarah Kokaly
3/26/2012 04:53:38 am

this spring break i spent the night at a friends house on the first saturday on sunday my cousin spent the night at my house and monday and tuseday i spent the night at Britni's house wednesday i did my chores and went out side till 7:00pm then i got home and had spaghetti and meat balls thurseday was pretty much the same thing but i had hamburgers for dinner and friday i went to my grandmas house for my aunts b-day and saturday at 4:00pm i went to CCV for there beach party and got scared by some people who looked like they were in 6th gradesun day i did nothing but hang out out side

Bellana C
3/26/2012 04:54:03 am

Over Spring Break I went to Las Vegas, Nevada and stayed at the CanCun Hotel. After the five hour drive there, we got our room on the fifth floor. It had 2 bedrooms, and a whole mini kitchen complete with a stove and dishwasher. The pool was amazing! It had FOUR waterslides and a tiny waterfall. My family stayed there for a week, and mostly hung out in the room. On one of the days, we went hiking in Red Rock Canyon. I'm pretty sure we walked a bout 5 miles that day. It was an awesome week.

Lauren W.
3/26/2012 04:54:09 am

Over spring break I went to a hotel in Scottadale just to hang out by the pool with my family. We only stayed there for one night but we had a lot of fun :] My brother, mom, and I also went to Dave and Busters ( a really big arcade w/ food) :] It was so much fun and I set the high score on the basketball game (56 in 1 mintue) :] And yeah thats pretty much all I did this spring break :]

Jeren H
3/26/2012 04:54:16 am

On my spring break i went to L.A. and Hollywood. I went to the wax museum and it was scary because the people looked so real and i thought they were going to come alive and scare me.

logan bayus
3/26/2012 04:54:54 am

During spring break i went up to the snow in flagstaff and went snowmobiling and i had my birthday! :)

Ms. J
3/26/2012 07:33:45 am

Snowmobiling is so much fun! My dad and I used to go back in Michigan all the time!

3/26/2012 04:55:42 am

My spring break was boring, but toward the end it got fun! On Thursday I went to Alexis's house, and I met her freind Audrey. I had alot of fun with them, and we went to go see a scary movie! On Saturday, I went to my cousins house which was very fun!

ashley brady
3/26/2012 04:56:44 am

i didnt really do anyhing this spring break, i just hung out with my family and friends

zak t.
3/26/2012 04:57:52 am

i went to disneyland and california adventure. my brothers and me went on tower of terror and they were complaining before the ride started. It was fun then we went to see world of color and we stood in the wet zone and got soaked it was fun. Then we went to my cousins it was very fun.

Nik T.
3/26/2012 05:51:13 am


kelly s
3/26/2012 04:58:36 am

over my spring break i hungout with my friends and my brothers. i didnt go anywhere besides my house my friends house and sometimes out to a movie or something. kayla c came over.

Robert M
3/26/2012 04:59:04 am

Over spring break, my friend Carson came over and staid a couple nights at my house. We watched a couple of R/uncut rated comedy movies, and did some dirt jumping with our bikes. We had a great time.

3/26/2012 05:17:40 am

Over the summer i went to Disneyland, with my best bud, jason gillroy, and i watched the walking dead wich made me mad becuase they added some stupid fictional charter to it! but i guess its cool. i also went to the hunger games premire with maddie lynch ana, cooper,jason gillroy, and Auston. It was all right i was expecting better for such a good book. Other then that there was some people i wanted to hang with but couldnt and yeah.

Cason Hatfield
3/26/2012 05:22:43 am

Over spring break i went to La Jolla Cove, pronounced La Hoya Cove. We went swimming and fishing. Over the summer we are going to get scuba certified and go scuba diving.

Gabby M.
3/26/2012 05:46:08 am

Over my spring break I celebrated St. Patricks day, saw the lorax and wen't out to dinner with my family. :)

Kira McCullough
3/26/2012 05:46:40 am

Over Spring Break I went 2 the zoo and hungout with some of my friends.

3/26/2012 05:46:47 am

I went to the midnight show of the hunger games.

3/26/2012 05:46:48 am

My spring break was kind of fun I went shopping and saw the huger games on Sunday :)

Taggart R.
3/26/2012 05:47:18 am

Over spring break i stayed home and did work.

Terrell H.
3/26/2012 05:47:27 am

Over Spring Break i went to Tombstone and Katchner Caverns

Bobby. B
3/26/2012 05:47:29 am

Over spring break, I went to the movies and waited in line for 2 hour to see the midnight premiere of the Hunger Games. It was really good.

syd h.
3/26/2012 05:47:34 am

Over spring break, I hung out with taryn. we wnet to catle n coasters and other places. I also had a garage sale! it was pretty cool!

Julia Boat
3/26/2012 05:47:56 am

Over spring break I went to Sedona and Strawberry, and I hungout with my friends.

Cody L.
3/26/2012 05:47:57 am

What i did over spring break is i went to the zoo with my family, played video games, hung out with friends and went to see the Hunger Games. It was a pretty good spring break.

Coreeeeeeeeey R (;
3/26/2012 05:48:22 am

Over spring break, I saw a lot of my friends that i havent seen in a while, my spring break pretty much consisted of tumblr, facebook, takis, and arnold palmer <33 Annd friends came over .

Jennifer C.
3/26/2012 05:48:31 am

On spring break, I went to Springfield, Illinois. My family and I got a bunch of my grandma's furniture and took it back to Phoenix. My grandma currently lives with my family, but she is going to move across the street from us when we get her house all set up.

Emily Rose H.
3/26/2012 05:48:59 am

i went to see Hunger Games :D it wasnt the midnight premere, but, it was amazing anyway! :3 and i did random things :3 randomness ^_^

Simera Cobbin
3/26/2012 05:49:18 am

Over my spring break i baby sat my baby cousin for the first time and she is 6 weeks old and i am the first cousin to watch the baby.And then i hung out with cierra and got my hair done.Also i had softball practice.And i stayed at home most of the time.

3/26/2012 05:49:49 am

I went shooting in the desert

Nikolai Tedeschi
3/26/2012 05:50:09 am

For Spring Break I Went To Disney Land. i went on the stupid tower of tower i didn't like i almost threw up. my guts were moving so much ! XD

Anna Aurelius
3/26/2012 05:50:20 am

i baby sat my cousins colton and lexi then the next day baby sat my other cousins who are twins that happened to be born on my birthday. and go to the park and get sick the next day(and stilll am)then on sunday we went to the park to have a family barbecue and we had a water ballon fight. and not to mention reading the hunger games series again!!!!love katniss and peetah!!!!

Trey R
3/26/2012 05:50:23 am

Over spring break, i went to LA and HOLLYWOOD with my freind jeren, including his family and mine. we also went to the wax musem and knotts berry farm and there at knotts berry farm we went on a 301ft swing.We all had a blast.

Deion Barraza
3/26/2012 05:50:44 am

What I Did For My Spring Break Was Sleep. :]

Brandon Quinn Random Name Choi
3/26/2012 05:50:56 am

During Spring Break I went hiking for about 10 miles, hung out with friends, slept swam because of a dare. It was (try an say this word) superduperawsomewasomecoolywoolyraddytaddyAMAAAAZING. :)

Jason Tinajero.
3/26/2012 05:51:18 am

What I did for my Spring Break is Chill with my homies. And Sleep..

Alexis Wardle
3/26/2012 05:51:47 am

Over my spring break I spent the night at my friend audreys house 6 nights in a row and, went to go see silent house with cierra :)

Alyssa B.
3/26/2012 05:52:19 am

During spring break, I went to my friends house. Then, we saw The Hunger Games. It was a good movie! :)

britni p.
3/26/2012 05:53:04 am

sarah k. sleept over at my house, we played all night on my ipad 2, we visited a ranch and met some really gross horses but i guess they were a LITTLE cute so ya thats really it...oh and i went shopping at ross with my 27 year old friend Flo (she is like my total best friend ... and she if from africa so she teaches me cool stuff about her culture) and we got matching shirts; my spring break was awesome!!!! :)

3/26/2012 05:53:35 am

over the break i went goutcrting and rode my dirtbike. i also went to wet and wild, and hung out with my friends. the other part of spring break i just hung out.

matt clegy
3/26/2012 05:54:08 am

over springbreak i played a pickup game of baseball with my friends and ate and slept

Serena Reed
3/26/2012 05:54:08 am

Tell me about your spring break! What did you do? Where did you go? Who did you see?
Over Spring Break i did nothing because I was grounded so i stayed home and did laundary and on Friday i had a sleepover with Lexi and we babysat together.

Chloe L.
3/26/2012 05:54:13 am

For Spring Break, all I really did was un-pack everything at my new house. One day I wnt to my bestfriends house. It was super boring the rest of the week though,

jared p
3/26/2012 05:54:38 am

over spring break i slept and saw the hunger games :) :) :)

veroneka haynes
3/26/2012 05:54:45 am

pver spring break I went to see my aunty at her house because my grandma came down from olkahama so when we went there I help my grandma make indian tacos and had an early birthday party because she was going back home soon thats where I hope to go someday when im older. My cake said happy birthday veroneka then the date Apirl 26

Lexi F.
3/26/2012 05:55:20 am

For Spring Break i went to California and then i went to disney land and my little sister had her birthday party. Then i went to a Hunger Games book signing and rue , gale, and cato signed my book ! Then i went and had dinner with my gradnma!<3

Micayla Spaulding
3/26/2012 05:59:04 am

I got to hang with my friend Sonia and we went to the movies, shopping and to dinner. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!

jonathan g
3/26/2012 06:01:18 am

i went to vegas for three daysstaid in the biggest hotel room they had it was fun saw 21 junpstreet verry funny had a long boring drive home went on the biggest and fastest roller coaster in las vegas i had a great spring break!!!!!

mason salcido
3/26/2012 06:54:33 am

i stayed home for spring break. i also went to the hunger games on sunday.

kevin G
3/26/2012 06:54:42 am

i went to friends houses and had friends over im sad i went no where though

Iliana D.
3/26/2012 06:54:56 am

For spring break, I didn't do anything besides go to California, Universal Stuidos, and went to go see the Hunger Games.

Carson S.
3/26/2012 06:55:20 am

Over spring break, I hang out at my dad's house and my friend Robert's house. I also worked in my backyard and did jumps with my scooter and bike. We just had asphalt put in our driveway, so I did jumps on that.

Auston s.
3/26/2012 06:56:21 am

I went to Flaggstaff and hung out with my family... went sledding and snowboarded. I also saw the hunger games premeir with jason g chris ana cooper and maddie

Ryan Cohen
3/26/2012 06:56:28 am

I did nothing, I went nowhere, and I saw no one. But I did watch BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT!!!(Best movie)

Tyller West
3/26/2012 06:56:40 am

I slept most of the time. Then my family, and i went to Flagstaff to snowboard. My sister and my mom went skiing.Then I went to the Hunger Games Sunday.

Jacob R
3/26/2012 06:56:47 am

for spring brake i went to flag staff and i went two nights in the snow and we went to the oconer game and i worked the snack bar and it was fun. i had a fun spring brake

Alyssa P
3/26/2012 06:56:47 am

i hangout with alot of friends had sleepovers and saw the hunger games (best movie ever)

Nick philpot
3/26/2012 06:57:12 am

over spring break i through a suprise party for my sisters 18 birthday and told her it was a party for my dad but really it was for my sister. she had left so we had time to set up. it turned out great. my dad got a pool table and we all had a good time. my sister had no idea what happened and even choked on her gum. it was awesome and im going to miss my sister when she goes to college at the beginning of college.

Bailey B.
3/26/2012 06:57:17 am

Basicly i stayed in home on xbox live, playing with friends while i ate penut butter pretzels and went on the internet as well as play minecraft. I also went to a 'natrural bridge' on a 2-hour hike over and under it.

3/26/2012 06:57:20 am

over spring break the only thing exciting i did was go to see hunger games at harkins the rest of the time i just stayed home with my brothers and parents

Cooper D.
3/26/2012 06:57:35 am

I went to the hunger games premeire with jason,auston,chris,ana,and maddie and i went to anas party.

Nikki S
3/26/2012 06:57:46 am

This spring break, I watched The Walking Dead, went ice skating, and went to Jumpstreet. I also spent a lot of time on youtube. I mostly saw my Tae Kwon Do friends.

Ana S.
3/26/2012 06:58:04 am

During spring break I went to see the Hunger Games premiere.I went with my friends and had a blast,except the movie wasn't as good as the book.Then I had a birthday party which was pretty fun. I saw my friends Chris,Maddie,Jason,Cooper,and Auston. Also,we got 3 puppies and my family are currently taking care of them and training them.

Abbie L.
3/26/2012 06:58:10 am

this spring break i went up to pinetop and stayed in a cabin with my dad, sisters, and grandma. it was lots of fun and i leasrned i was great at ping pong. for the rest of the time i hung out with my best friend Justin, Darian, and others! We went to the movies and saw Journey 2, This Means War,and The Hunger Games!

Justin H.
3/26/2012 06:58:14 am

I went to my house and slept and I saw 21 jump street, journey 2 again, and this means war with my bestest friend Abbies and other people of less importance oh and also I saw the hunger games with my bestest friend Abbie again and other people again with less importance

juan g
3/26/2012 06:59:17 am

spring break was kind of boring we were going to california but didnt go so my spring break wasnt really fun

3/26/2012 06:59:31 am

For Spring Break I went to Lake Havasu. We stayed from Saturday-Saturday. I also saw the Hunger Games with Brooke on Sunday! (:

Ashley b.
3/26/2012 07:00:45 am

over spring break i hung out with my friends and had a volleyball tournament. i alos had breanas birthday and saw the hunger games! i also went to new mexico to meet family

kaylee E
3/26/2012 07:01:44 am

went to mesa and got lost trying to find my uncles new house and i think we need to use the happyvally airpot and take it to mesa to find his house

mickey freeman
3/26/2012 07:01:49 am

i saw the hunger games(team peeta<3), and i found out that bella is now a vampire and looks scary, went to a sweet 16 and was the youngest one there! it was so cool and got voted best dancer there,went to my grandmas and got a pair of tennis shoes and jeans, found out that miley cyrus is engaged to liam hemsworth aka gale in hunger games!!!

3/26/2012 07:01:51 am

Over spring break I went to my friends wedding and hung with my cousins I had fun over the break :)

Brooke H
3/26/2012 07:01:59 am

I loved my Spring Break! I went to California and went to Hollywood, Universal Studios, the beach, and Knotsberry Farm( I went on every roller coaster except for 2 and 300 foot swings!) I also went to see Hunger Games with Shelby! :)

Shane D.
3/26/2012 07:02:17 am

What I did over Spring Break was I had a baseball tournament called Spring Nationals. It was at Vitory Lane. It was a four day tournament Thrusday- Sunday.

Rosie Frost
3/26/2012 07:02:48 am

Over spring break I went to the hospital with my gandma because she broke/busted her knee cap and also went to the to see the hunger games also went to dave n busters and went out and ate at smash burger and at dave n busters :) had a lot of fun

Alan Hafeed
3/26/2012 07:03:56 am

Over spring break i hanged out with freinds and family and went to the movies to see 21 jump street. I went to california to see my uncle that i never saw before. That is my spring break.

Gianna Raffino
3/26/2012 07:04:20 am

I went to the Grand Cayon with my family...there was so much snow there.Then when i got back i slept alot...then i had a sleepover with my neighbor and my friend Alyssa p.Then we went to see the hunger games (best movie ever)!Then i went over to her house and spent the night..we hung out with this guy name Keegan who goes to hillcrest and I've been txting him ever since.Me and aylssa went swimming and then ashley kellroy came over ..she slept over too.then the next morning she left and Alyssa,Keegan and I hung out ..then i left and i got a hug from them both!They are really good friends and i love them both...i will always be friends with them!

Ms. J
3/26/2012 07:26:18 am

Glad to hear you went to the Grand Canyon:0)

jaed a.
3/26/2012 07:04:31 am

for my spring break i went horse back riding i now it seems lame but it was actually pretty fun. then i wen t to go see the hunger games with all my friends for breanas birthday. i was so good!

Tyler D
3/26/2012 07:04:59 am

For spring break i got to see my dad and stayed in a hotel. Then i got to go in a limo for my brothers 16th birthday.

3/26/2012 07:05:41 am


Darian Funston
3/26/2012 07:06:12 am

Over spring break I hung out with my friends Abbie, her sisters Allie, Audrie, as well as Justin. I did that on saturday when we all went to go see the Hunger Games. Earlier in the week I also hung out with Trisha and Hannah. On top of all that got to go buy some games like a nerd and watch 30 Minutes or Less as well.

3/26/2012 07:07:31 am


nick g
3/26/2012 07:08:14 am

for spring break, i went on like a ten mile mountain bike ride at deem
hills park.we had lots of company at my house during the week. i also baby sitted two of my cousins, Gage (2), and Emmet (1). Gage calls Emmet memmet, because he cant pronounce e`s very good. during the time i was babysitting, emmet managed to choke on some goldfish, and i had to do the heimlich(for babies) on him in order to get it out.i`m sure glad i`m cpr certified.

Sonia Gonzalez :)
3/26/2012 07:12:32 am

During spring break I had a lot of fun with my friend Micayla Spaulding. We went to the movies, shopping, dinner and a lot more and We had a lot of fun together we got the same shirts, backpacks, nails, pajamas, and had a blast in sleep overs and I went to my cousins house and i went to my old shcool and I suprised all of my old friends and I felt really good of my self for doing that because I got to see them again and they were all happy and I was too. Then, I went to El Paso, Texas to go see a lot of family and I"m going again this weekend and i DJed with my dad during spring break it was fun and good because we got paid a lot of money we got 1,200 dollars :) it was awsome and when I go to El Paso, Texas I'm going to my tia's baby shower I cant wait ! :)

Timmy A. (NINJA)
3/26/2012 07:23:17 am

Over spring break i hung out withfriends and got sick for half of it, i puked half of spring break, it wasn't good.

Ms. J
3/26/2012 07:27:23 am

Sounds like a lot of people went and saw Hunger Games! I am going next week- dont' spoil it for me

3/26/2012 07:36:53 am

For my Spring Break i had a blast at the midnight premier with my friend Kalea! Had some sleepovers but mostly spent time with my family. Going to Lake pleasant, mall, norterra, and went shooting with my dad and sisters! <33


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