Using your ISN answer the following unit reflection questions:
1. Choose 3 items in your notebook that represent your best work. These can be labs, leftside reflections/summaries etc. Write specific reasons why you chose these items, why they are your best work, and what these assignments reflect about your skills as a student.

2. Indicate your overall rating of your notebook based on the 6,5,4,3,2,1 scale (where 6 is the best). Include several sentences on WHY you've chosen this rating, using specific details.

3. Using sentences and specifics, respond to the following:
    What information did you learn that was new to you?
    Was the notebook easy or difficult for you? Explain.
    Has the notebook helped you organize the material. Explain
    Has your notebook improved? Explain

4. What are your goals for improvement in this class? List specific